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SOLID, 7-th km, Tsarigradsko shosse Blvd.,

Sofia 1784, Bulgaria

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Export our projects

  • Solid 55 in Macedonia!

    Solid 55 doors can be seen all around the world, but the Showroom in Macedonia, one can see the biggest product range with many options that our doors give!

    Our partners` Showroom is one of the biggest and takes place in one central part of the capital of Macedonia - Skopie.

    The doors are situated in a two-floor Showroom where one can go and look at many colours, compare products and decide what will fit best at his/her conception. 
    There they have shown not only doors with mechanical locking, but also our latest high-tech models with electronics, or namely iDoor with interaction display and fingerprint. 

    The latest SMART products have been also displayed in more than 70ty Biobords all around Skopie and many people could see what they can offer to customers.
    So, if you have a reason to visit Skopie, you should definitely see this Showroom and feel special for a while!


  • Solid 55 Export Experience

    For the past 15 years, Solid 55 has been exporting many different countries all over the world. We've had an export for Egypt, Kosovo, Albania, Greece, Austria, Belgium, UK, Germany, Slovenia, Italy, USA, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro.

    The countries that we most ofter work are Macedonia, Serbia, Romania, Montenegro and Slovenia, however we keep in touch with all other partners and usually, we are the preferred company for their projects!

    Every month we export more than 500 doors! Each of our export projects is challenging and interesting for us. We keep attention to detail and keep the high quality all the time and with everything!

    Our doors can be seen in many and different projects, showrooms or domestic - specialized fairs!
    For us each export distributor is seen as a partner and we try to work together in all directions! 



  • Our MadeExpo Experience

    There is nothing better than seeing the world and the world seeing You!

    Solid 55 is pleased to participate for three consecutive years in the International Specialized Exhibition for Construction and Architecture - MADE Expo!


    The exhibition is held in Milan every two years and is visited by over 100 countries. There are exhibitors from all over the world and it is extremely popular among designers 
    and architects.

    Over the years we have shown different solutions and products, but in 2019 we focused only on our products with electromechanical locking, the products in which we are innovative and dare to say that we have no competition! 
    It was this exhibition that was the most revealing and strong for us, because we gathered a lot of real and interesting contacts that we are already working with!


  • The USA Export

    The export for the USA is very exciting and challenging!
    Solid 55 conquers peaks in New York!!

    In 2017 - 2018 Solid 55 was chosen as a relied partner of an American company. 


    They trusted us and together with them we put doors on over 250 apartments and made over 250 families feel safer and calmer in their homes! 
    The doors selected by our partners were specially designed and complied with the American requirements for the production of armored, fire-resistant doors! 

    To confirm their quality and safety, the doors were tested in an American laboratory and passed everything successfully!


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