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Do you already have a security door from Solid 55? Or maybe you thought about upgrading the security, adding new functionalities, or changing the design of your door? The good news is that all this can be changed depending on your requirements, needs or innovations. And the best thing is that to replace something on your Solid door, you do not have to buy a new one. It is here that comes the invaluable role of our Service. What can we offer you from Solid 55 to upgrade your old door?

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You have a truly unique door, but like anything, this product is evolving. This does not mean constantly changing your door. What do we offer to deliver new amenities and benefits to your existing door?

  • An innovative hi-tech solution that turns such a traditional product into a part of the modern mobile world. You no longer need to be physically by the door to rule it. Solid MobileKEY is a special built-in door module, developed by Solid 55. This is an innovative home security solution that combines mobile technology and electronic locking system with many new features:
    • Unlock / lock the door remotely with a single ringtone that is free and does not burden your account;
    • Decide who to give access to your home by sending an SMS from the mobile phone to the administrator (owner) of the door;
    • You know when someone in your family is back home;
    • You receive an alert message if someone tries to enter your home;
    • Solid MobileKEY is also triggered through the special application (developed for Android and iOS).


  • You want more convenience for your electronics door. We offer you a button on the inside of the door that you can unlock and lock without ever searching for your RFID card or keychain.

  • Order additional cards or elegant leather key chains from Solid 55. Door control is entirely in your hands and you program and delete your door access cards yourself whenever you like (does not apply to entrance doors).


Do not wait to stop working

All doors with electromechanical locking system have a battery. It is necessary for the faultless operation of the door even when the electricity is down. And to make sure that your battery will operate flawlessly every time, we recommend that you regularly replace it every 2 years.

Design renovation

Design is extremely important!

One of the advantages that our Service gives you is the ability to completely refresh your front door. Replacing a panel, fitting or decorative part allows your door to be both in tune with the interior and exterior of your home.
* Replacement of a board inside or outside
* Replace the handles
* Replacement / Installation of a decorative frame
* Other Inquiry Services

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The service inside

Solid 55 offers its customers a 24-hour guaranty and out-of-warranty service that offers first-class advice and service. It is responsible for two very basic processes:
Supply and Installation Process
Purpose of the process: Supply and installation of our doors Solid.
Warranty and Post-Warranty Service Process
Aim of the process: Timely and qualitative removal of warranty claims or additional paid services according to client requirements and those of the Quality Management System at Solid 55. The process of removing complaints and performing additional services in the post-warranty period is assigned to our trained and experiensed specialists.
In the performance of warranty and non-warranty services we take care of and protect your property under the responsibility of a good owner by not allowing in any way a violation of the properties of the products we provide to you.

  • Important information that we advise you to keep after installation is the number of your door. Each door has a number consisting of a letter and six digits and is described in your contract. Keep it - this is the door ID, through which we track every movement or change in its file.

  • Please also pay attention to the assembly protocol, inspect your door carefully when transmitting it and fill in each of the fields in the document before signing it.

  • As every item, our doors have a free warranty of 24 months. In case you need the services of our service department for this period, you need to provide your warranty card. This is a mandatory procedure before submitting a claim, so we advise you to keep it with the other documents on your door.

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