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WE are Solid!

Solid 55 is a Bulgarian company with more than 30 years of history. The company offers world-wide unique products focused on security, locking systems and design. Solid 55's portfolio includes security doors for apartments and houses, smart security doors, interior doors, entrance doors, fireproof and multifunctional doors as well as garage doors for the home and industry.

With precision to detail, Solid 55 meets the individual needs of its customers and turns the door into emotion as an integral part of the design of every home.


We have the will and the desire to be leaders in the solid doors. As such, we create high-tech, high-quality and competitive products that fully meet the requirements and needs of our customers. Solid 55 is a place where:
  • All to participate actively in the company's development by continuously enriching their knowledge and practical skills;
  • Everyone in the company to find the perfect job for themselves, to embrace passion and dedication in it, to be motivated and satisfied;
  • Create new realities, taking into account the role of the personality, its authenticity, presence, commitment and teamwork.
For its nearly 30-year history, the company has achieved an extremely high level of development in the fields of technology and design, but the desire for constant improvement is leading in creating new products and improving existing ones. This is the main driving force for Solid 55 to advance in its development:
  • Complex security;
  • Provider of security in Europe;
  • A place where people realize their dreams;
  • Center for Informal Affiliate Network.

The success of our business is due to our ability to be flexible, to follow, but to overtake the market, to develop and change, to improve our organization, products and services. Customer satisfaction is the most important criterion for our work.

The effort to satisfy the needs of our partners is one of the main conditions for the company's development.


  1. 1990
    We were born - "Solid 55" Ltd. is registered in Sofia.
  2. 1991
    We are still walking slowly - we offer additional reinforcement of existing doors.
  3. 1993
    We become solid - we start the production of armored doors.
  4. 1997
    We are growing up - expand our sales network and become a winner.
  5. 2002
    We are getting smarter - we are using digital-programming machines in production. We win a competition from the European Bank to fund new software products. We are starting to be different - the invisible locking mechanism is a major element of a new series of Intelligent Doors.
  6. 2003
    We create a new brand FeRi and enter the segment metal doors of a lower price class. To the Intelligent Doors series we add a new product Entrance space - armored door for active security of a common entrance of a block of flats.
  7. 2005
    Growing more and more - we build a new administrative and production complex SOLID, with a total area of ​​4800m2, located on 7th km Tsarigradsko shosse Blvd. We are engaged in the production of the first robotic door welding system in Bulgaria. We receive a certificate for the built and functioning Quality Management System that meets the requirements of ISO 9001: 2000
  8. 2007
    We participate for the first time at CeBit's largest international exhibition for information and telecommunication systems in Hanover, Germany; The number of intelligent iPS doors increased three times compared to 2006; We are launching a new series of doors, focusing entirely on the possibility of introducing electronics into it; We plan to grow - we buy an area near Elin Pelin to build a production factory for our doors.
  9. 2009
    The factory is built and we buy and install new, modern machines for the production of security doors. In May we move the metal section of production to the new plant in Elin Pelin. New TRUMPF machines are brought into operation, which many times increase productivity and improve product quality. We have succeeded in protecting the CE conformity marking requirements in accordance with the Ordinance on Essential Construction Requirements and Conformity Assessment of Construction Products. The doors of Solid 55 undergo tests and obtain a certificate of burglar-resistant protection class according to the requirements of standard BDS EN 1630; Corresponding Series 40 - Third Grade and Series 50 - Fourth Grade Defensive Class.
  10. 2010
    We were 20 years old. We have spent a whole year with many new products and special offers to our customers. The most beautiful gift is a new model security door that combines all the latest developments and high technology in one product - iDoor We took part in the Vienna International Fair for Building, Environmental, Energy and Energy Efficiency "Bauen & Energie". There we presented in the Austrian market security, intelligent and interior doors with its characteristic high noise and heat insulation.
  11. 2011
    At the beginning of the year, we officially launched our project to build the largest showroom in Bulgaria. It is more than 1,000 sq.m. This is a place where customers can find the widest variety of samples, a professional and well-trained sales team, a functional playground, free parking and convenient working hours. We wanted to prove the quality and security of our products.
  12. 2012
    We continue to grow - we have expanded our distribution network to new cities on the territory of Bulgaria. We stepped up in new markets (Algeria, Romania) and significantly increased sales to our distributors abroad. Solid 55 products can be seen in Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Austria, Greece, Romania, Macedonia and Algeria.
  13. 2015
    For the first time we took part in the largest international exhibition of architecture and design - Made Expo in Milan, Italy. We showed our solutions in the field of security and locking systems, knowing that we still have many meetings with our potential partners outside Bulgaria.
  14. 2017
    Looking forward only, we were able to make the first export in the USA. This summer we installed over 500 security doors in New York. This step made us even more confident and we took the big step to move a wooded section into the production. We took part for the second time at the International Exhibition of Architecture and Design - Made Expo in Milan, Italy. Already familiar to the audience, we felt the success was very close.
  15. 2018
    Whatever we think - we do it! We moved a wooded section, bought new machines and we can proudly claim that we have the most modern carpentry in the industry! We made a big change and sent our old vision, logo and slogan and the story of Solid 55. Everything should talk about the innovative ambitions we have and that's just the beginning.
  16. 2019
    For the first time in national air with participation in a famous show. We've created a brand new, completely user friendly site.
  17. 2020
    We have completed our extremely large-scale project - the first design door center in Bulgaria - Solid Doors Center. Our clients and partners can see over 100 real samples located on 3 floors. In Solid Doors Center you can see both Solid Smart Doors and impressive house doors and interior doors that have no analogue in the world.


  • We make products that surround you every day in your everyday life, keeping your home, values ​​and people you love the most. Products that satisfy your aesthetic taste with care and elegance. Products that, with the requirement to be practical for everyday use, find their application not only in the private home, but also in business buildings.

    And to make our mission even more useful, we have built the largest showroom in Bulgaria with the widest variety of samples, a professional and well-trained sales team, a functional playground, free parking and convenient working hours. The showroom can be seen samples of all the products that the company offers: security, intelligent, metal, interior, garage, fire and multifunctional doors as well as doors for common entrance, type of entrance space.

  • The production of Solid 55 doors is carried out in the modern factory in Elin Pelin on an area of ​​14 500 sq.m.
    The metal part of the door construction is made on TRUMPF machines in the largest door production factory in the Balkans. The new production facility is equipped with state-of-the-art machines and technologies that allow the development of Solid 55 products and the increased productivity.
    In 2018 we moved the last section of the production base - a wooden section. In this way, Solid 55 closed the entire production cycle at one place, providing its customers with the best products made with modern machines and exceptional specialists.

  • Solid 55 is always available to its customers with its reliable 24-hour warranty and after-warranty service.

    Choosing a leadership strategy in its industry, Solid 55 turns innovation into a part of everyday life. It is precisely the necessity that has gradually become a delight in this process that it is a prerequisite for the company to maintain contact with the end customer by closing the whole sale and production process with the provision of the installation service and the servicing of its doors.

    Solid 55 is pleased to work with highly trained service technicians and assembly teams of a very high level, professionals in their field of work.

  • Solid 55 is a continuously growing innovative company offering unique products in the European market in the field of security, doors, locking systems and design. The success of our business is due to our ability to be flexible, to follow, but to overtake the market, develop and change.
    We did this with our exhibition center, creating a unique showroom of over 1000sq.m. Here our customers have the opportunity to experience our inspiration, to feel the enthusiasm with which we build products. And the modern look of the commercial part makes the experience with us - a gentle pleasure.


Solid 55 is a modern, socially responsible organization that seeks to be an attractive employer based on the following principles:
Appointment of motivated people wishing to become part of the Solid 55 team;
Maintaining consistently high performance standards through high training efficiency and stable personnel development;
Develop and build a professional organization that promotes individual initiative and responsibility; More information about vacancies and current jobs can be found here: http://www.jobs.bg/company/17625.
Selection of candidates:
According to the standards of work, all documents received will be considered, but only the candidates approved by documents will be invited to an interview. The selection process involves several stages of interviewing before a final decision is taken and a candidate's job proposal is made.

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