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About Us

Solid 55 is a leading Bulgarian company with more than 23 years of history. The company continuously develops and offers unique products in the field of security doors, locking systems and design on the European market. The Solid 55’s product portfolio includes doors, intelligent security doors, and interior doors, building entrance doors, multifunctional and fire-resistant doors as well as garage and industrial doors.
Our company’s technological capabilities are based entirely on our products’ patented design, which allows for easy improvement and integration of new functionalities in the final product that protects our customers. The company is leading on the Bulgarian market for supply of overall, high-tech security solutions.
To achieve high standard of production activities and services offered to customers, the Solid 55 team works in accordance with local and European legislation and implements European management standards with positive effect guaranteed and proven in companies all over the world.

Who we are

We have will and ambition to be the leader in solid doors. As such we create competitive products of high technology, which fully satisfy customers’ needs.

Solid 55 to be the place where:

  • All employees participate actively in company development and constantly enrich their knowledge and practical skills;
  • Each person working in the company could find the job which he or she is perfectly fit for, to do that job with devotion and passion, to be motivated and satisfied;
  • New realities are created by having in mind the role of human personality, its authenticity, presence, engagement and its ability to work in a team.
  • Complete safety;
  • Safety supplier in Europe;
  • Advantage through innovation;
  • A place where people realize their dreams;
  • Solid development;
  • Value application (retention);
  • Center of informal partner network.

Our business success is based on the ability to be flexible, to follow but at the same time outperform the market, to develop and change, to perfect our organization, our products and our services. Customer satisfaction is the most important criterion for the quality of our work.
Our goal to meet customers’ needs is one of the main prerequisites for company successful development.

Solid 55 Ltd is registered in the city of Sofia.

Solid 55 offers door reinforcement.

The company starts manufacture of security doors with natural wood furnishing.

Solid 55 specializes in manufacture of security doors and starts the introduction of new, safe-type locking systems.

Productivity increase and trade network widening by establishment of new showrooms in Sofia and the country.

Solid 55 strengthens its position as a leader in the production of security doors with high safety level and natural decoration. A new security door construction is patented and implemented.

Creation and affirmation of contemporary production and management structure.

Substantial trading network expansion including corporate customers and distributors throughout the country.

CPU machines introduction in production. Solid 55 wins a competition of the European Bank for new software development. Development of own motor locking system which guarantees high level of security for homes and offices. The invisible locking mechanism is the main element of new intelligent doors series.

Creation of the FeRi trade mark and entering the market for steel doors of lower price. The Intelligent doors series are broadened by the new Buildings entrance door – a security door for active protection of entrances of residential buildings.
Solid 55 obtain a grant through the PHARE Technological Cohesion scheme.
Solid 55 initiates the foundation of an industrial association – “Bulgarian Windows and Doors” Association.

Revenue growth of 45%.
Production process modernization and improvement of working environment, which leads to increase of productivity of 50%.
Implementation of specialized Business Processes Management software designed to manage processes in all company departments.
First steps in foreign markets – Greece and Serbia.

Solid 55 opens a new Production and administration complex SOLID with an overall area of 4 800 sq. meters situated on 7th km Tsarigradsko shausse blvd.
Implementation of the first in Bulgaria robot-welding system used in door production.
The company receives an ISO 9001:2000 certificate for implemented and operating Quality Management System.

Official opening of the new Production and administration complex SOLID.
Solid 55 produced and donated the Zograph Monastery on Mount Athos with a special entrance door for the library in which Slavonic-Bulgarian History is kept.
SOLID 55 sponsored the construction of a beautiful playground on Bonaia str., Oborishte region in cooperation with Radio Fresh.

Solid 55 participated for the first time in the largest international exhibition of information and telecommunication systems CeBit in Hanover, Germany;
The number of intelligent iPS doors installed increases three times compared to 2006;
“Innovation” department began development of new door series entirely focused on electronics incorporation in doors;
At the beginning of the year Solid 55 purchases a real estate – land near the town of Elin Pelin on which a door factory to be built.

Solid 55 presents the first ever biometric door with built-in facial biometric data recognition software at the CeBit international exhibition.
On June 3, 2008 the first sod of a new door production plant of Solid 55 near Elin Pelin was turned. The official turning of the sod was made by the Deputy Mayor Yordan Yordanov and the manager of the investor company Solid 55 Ivan Akov. This will be the largest door factory on the Balkans with most advanced equipment.
Solid 55 becomes sponsor of the NSA (National Sports Academy ) diving team for children aged 10-15 years. The team has won many medals.
Solid 55 sponsored an event organized by Pari newspaper “Construction Company of the Year”.  The event was honored by the presence of the deputy Minister of Regional Development Dancho Mihalevski and Chief Architect of Sofia Petar Dikov.
In December 2008 construction of the new plant of Solid 55 is completely finished.

Solid 55 purchased and installed the latest, most advanced machines for security doors production in its new factory in the town of Elin Pelin.
Solid 55 participated in the traditional Spring STROIKO 2000 exhibition where product range updates were shown.
The company took part in the biggest international IT solutions forum CeBIT in Hannover, Germany, for the third time.
In May, Solid 55 moves the metal division of its production in the new plant in Elin Pelin. The new TRUMPF machines are put in operation, thus productivity is increased and quality is improved significantly.
The company meets the requirements for conformity marking “CE”, according to the Ordinance on essential requirements for construction and conformity assessment of construction products.
Solid 55 doors pass tests and get a certificate for burglar resistance protection class according to the requirements of BDS EN 1630; Accordingly 40 Series – third degree and 50 Series – fourth degree burglar resistance protection class.

At the beginning of the year Solid 55 officially launches its project to build the largest doors showroom in Bulgaria. The mall is larger than 1000 m2. Our customers can enjoy great variety of samples, competent and well-trained sales team, functional playground, free parking and convenient working time. Samples of all company products can be seen in the showroom: security and intelligent doors, house doors, steel, interior, garage, fire-resistant and multifunctional doors and doors for buildings entrance.
In order to demonstrate the quality and reliability of its products, the company organized for the first time in Bulgaria demonstration of breaking in through a security door with a certificate of fourth grade burglar resistance class. In the opening day of the Stroiko 2000 exhibition on 23.03.2011 Dimitar Dimitrov – Olympic and European champion in bodybuilding – made an attempt to open the safest door.
Mission My Home – broadcasts coverage for Solid 55 in its special section of the show “How it’s done!”. The video shows how Solid 55 manage to create a complete security system out of a steel sheet.
Solid 55 is included in the Mtel campaign: M-Tel Club. As a partner of Mtel Club, Solid 55 offers all program participants attractive discounts.

Solid 55 creates a new, restructured price list based on the company’s new concept – to offer more solutions to its customers.
Products are divided in sections: House doors, apartment doors, etc.
Solid 55 launches many new products including:

  • Special series of house doors xDoor;
  • Series of doors with electromechanical lock only (no mechanical locking)
  • ;Glass door – with aluminum frame, corresponding to other doors’ design;
  • Door for nursery – offering greater sound insulation and special design – handmade painting on the side of the nursery;
  • Intelligent Gun Safebox – with invisible lock.

The company builds new showroom in the form of a house that aims to recreate the real environment of a house or apartment. In this new showroom can be seen various interior and exterior door systems.
Solid 55 expands distribution network in Bulgaria.
Solid 55 enters new markets (Algeria, Romania) and significantly increases sales to distributors abroad. Solid 55 products can be seen in Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Austria, Greece , Romania, Macedonia and Algeria.
The company realized a significant rise in number of intelligent doors sold, compared to previous years.

Aiming at high standard of manufacture and services, Solid 55 team works in accordance with local and European laws and implements European standards for quality management with positive effect guaranteed and proven in companies all over the world.

  • Solid 55’s main goal is to achieve high quality of the products and services offered in a healthy and safe labor conditions. In order for this goal to be accomplished Solid 55 implemented  a Quality Management System that corresponds to the requirements of the ISO 9001:2008 standard. Quality management of all processes and activities in the company guarantee for end product high quality and full satisfaction of customers need. In 2005 Solid 55 received certificate for EN ISO 9001-2008 standard implementation, and in 2008 a second certificate for EN ISO 9001-2008 standard, by the audit organization SGS certifying the efficient functioning of the management system.
  • Products manufactured by Solid 55 were the first to successfully pass all tests for technical approval of building materials.
  • Positive assessment of the quality and suitability of the company’s products for use in construction projects in the European Community countries is set out in issued protocols CE (№ ITT-08.49K/22.06.2009 and № ITT-08.51 K/30.06 0.2009). Year of “CE” mark provision is 2009.
  • Solid 55 products are protected by the following Patents:
    • Unique door construction patent № 10283/ 26.09.2001 – in 2001 Solid 55 patented its doors’ unique construction. A special, bended aluminium profile finishes the door thus making it unique Solid 55 product.
    • An invention patent for decorative wall casing № 107868/ 02.06.2003 – Solid 55 team has designed unique aluminium profile, which is a part of the decorative casing, covering the wall after door installation. The „Futura“ decorative profiles allow for nailing down of jambs to be avoided as well as for a specific door appearance.
    • Invention patent for a fixed access security door № 107869/ 02.06.2003.
We don’t have available positions at the moment but you can send your application at office@solid55.com. We will keep it and consider it when we have a vacant position that meets your profile.
Candidates` selection:
According to work policy all applications will be considered but only approved candidates will be invited to an interview.
Selection process includes several stages of interviewing before final decision is made and job offer is made to a given candidate.

Why Solid 55?

  • Solid 55 is a leader on the security doors market in Bulgaria;
  • Solid 55 is innovative and constantly developing company;
  • Solid 55 takes care of its customers, consults them and creates products suitable to their particular requirements;
  • Solid 55 highly appreciates all of its employees and encourages their contribution to company development;
  • Solid 55 is dynamically developing its trading network throughout the country.

Meet Solid 55

Marketing and sales
Marketing and sales
We at Solid 55, create products that surround you in your everyday life, protect your home, valuables and your most loved ones. We create products that satisfy your aesthetic taste with care and elegance. Products that are required to be practical for daily use, find their application not only in private homes, but also in office buildings.
In order to be of even greater help, we built the biggest doors showroom with great variety of samples, competent and well-trained sales team, functional playground, free parking and convenient working time. Samples of all company products can be seen in the showroom: security and intelligent doors, house doors, steel, interior, garage, fire-resistant and multifunctional doors and doors for buildings entrance.
Production and logistics
Production and logistics
Production of Solid 55 doors is performed in two contemporary production sites. One is the SOLID production-administrative complex situated in Sofia with area of 4800 m2 and the newly built 14 500 m2 factory near Elin Pelin.
The steel part of doors is produced on TRUMPF machines in the biggest door factory on the Balkans. The newly built factory is equipped with most advanced machines and technologies that allow for substantial productivity increase.
Wooden parts preparation, doors painting and final leaf assembly is performed in Sofia. Modern, flexible, hi-tech machines make manufacture of high quality products in competitive production terms possible.
Service and installation
Service and installation
Solid 55 is always available to its customers with its reliable 24-hour warranty and non-warranty services.
The nature of Solid 55 door determines the importance of service and installation in the chain of creating value for the customer. By choosing a leadership strategy, Solid 55 turns innovation into a part of everyday life. Namely, the need that has gradually become also enjoyment, of this process is a prerequisite for the company to maintain contact with end customers by closing the entire process of production and sale with provision of installation services and door servicing.
Solid 55 is pleased to work with highly trained service technicians and top level installation teams, all of them professionals in their work field.
Solid 55 is a continuously developing, innovative company that offers unique products in the field of security doors, locking systems and design on the European market. Our business success is based on the ability to be flexible, to follow but at the same time outperform the market, to develop and change. Our success is also due to our openness to different systems integration and technologies related to sales, development, production, operation and maintenance of our products.

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