Project Description

xDoor ThermoAkustic

The Delight of Silence!

If your desire is for your house to have the highest thermal and acoustic performance, xDoor 50 ThermoAkustic gives you more warmth and tranquility thanks to the innovative, specially developed ThermoAkustic panel. And to make sure that this door will grab you at first glance, we have chosen a truly different and distinctive design that we are sure will excite you.

Solid 55 locking



Italian cylinder lock + Solid Snake

A cylinder with unique cut that resembles snake interacts with special pins, thus making the cylinder safer. The cut called “SNAKE” is patented /other companies are not allowed to sell the cylinder or its blank keys/ so it can not be copied. This protects the customer from unauthorized key copying.

Unique thermal panel – ThermoAkustic

It is designed for exposure to weather agents. Two 12 mm water-resistant multilayer plywood processed with UV primer + 3 mm cork /ΔL=26Db/ for additional thermal and sound insulation.

Akustik Pad

The perfect isolation of the door is because of the special sound isolative rubber material which is stuck to one of the decorative panels. This makes the isolation even greater than you can imagine.