Project Description

xDoor 50 Deco

A Combination of Classics and Technology

Impressive from every angle, xDoor 50 Deco breaks the limits of ordinary design to change the way you look at your door and the way it looks! For traditionalists who prefer wood classic and innovators who appreciate the convenience of new technologies. This armored door will satisfy even the most demanding of you. Beautiful, high-tech and with excellent thermal insulation, this is the model you will not be indifferent to.

Solid 55 locking


Italian cylinder lock + Solid Snake

A cylinder with unique cut that resembles snake interacts with special pins, thus making the cylinder safer. The cut called “SNAKE” is patented /other companies are not allowed to sell the cylinder or its blank keys/ so it can not be copied. This protects the customer from unauthorized key copying.

Door control through RFID card

Secure and convenient replacements of traditional keys.
The RFID cards that we use are based on the RFID technology. They work through a microchip and a radio antenna that allows for information exchange without physical contact between the card and the reading device. They are safe, easy to use and with longer life compared to cards with magnet or barcode.

Easy Go function

To provide you with the maximum comfort you deserve, we have developed an automatic locking of the electromechanical points after the door is closed.