Project Description

xDoor 50 Deco M

Comfort and security!

There are many requirements for the house door, and often, to cover everything, we have to increase our budget. With xDoor 50 Deco M you get the perfect balance between price and quality. This model will protect and isolate your house while at the same time will give you the feeling of luxury with its beautiful appearance combined with a custom milling cutter.

Solid 55 locking

ProBox Solid 55


Italian cylinder lock + Solid 10

10 pins profile cylinder with high security level with many possible combinations. It combines different types of protection against forced entry – anti-pulling protection, „anti-bumping” protection, anti-drilling protection, customer card.

Probox – with ring protector

An interesting fact about profile cylinder locks is their safety comes from the cylinder itself and it is an external element for the locking mechanism. For cylinder protection, Solid 55 developed its own protector – ProBox. It is a reinforced box for inside installation of the lock. The cylinder is protected by a solid, reinforced steel body with ring that fits in a special rolled steel box. That makes cylinder pulling out practically impossible.


The option for milled figure or design on one side gives the desired design. Together with a luxurious handles makes xDoor 50 Deco M a great choice.