Project Description

Security door MySolid HH

Design for Connoisseurs

If you are looking for an exclusive design and every detail of your home is important, then this model will cover all of your requirements. Fine lines, a variety of decorative elements, colors and luxurious fittings are complemented by hidden hinges, creating a feeling that you have not a door but a picture in a frame. All this is gathered in a high-tech door, where you will find amenities you have never suspected.


Hidden hinges

The HIDDEN, adjustable, steel hinges make the door to look like a picture in a frame. The 3D adjustable door hinges guarantee precise adjusting of door leaf fit to the frame.

Solid MobileKey

The innovative hi-tech feature turning a traditional product into a part of the contemporary mobile world. It is not necessary to stand in front of your door to control it. Solid MobileKEY is a special module developed by Solid 55 built-in in the door. It is an innovative security solution for your house combining the mobile technology and the electromechanical locking system at the same time.

Easy Lock

It offers a high level of security in which your finger becomes your key. The lack of physical devices – keys, chips, RFID cards or access codes – prevents opponents from entering the door illegally. The combination of the highest class of biometric sensors with the unique locking mechanism eliminates any possibility of manipulation or malicious interference. To unlock your door, Easy Lock only needs to recognize the fingerprints. Sensors recognize finger relief and also capture biometric factors such as heat and pulse to ensure the safety of your home.