Project Description

Security door mDoor 3.0

The “Diamond” in the Mechanical Locking Systems

This model is the highest class Solid door with an exceptional mechanical locking system – the exclusive Dom Diamant! Besides its high level of isolation, mDoor 3.0 will impress you with its eight locking points, steel protection against drilling and sophisticated design with a variety of colors.

Solid 55 locking


Italian cylinder lock + Dom Diamant

This profile cylinder is highest security class 6 with 21 free rotating elements. It’s made of stainless steel body and has information protection of the key.

Protective bend EPDM S 50 Thermo +

Protective bend of the steel frame and a canal for the special EPDM S 50 Thermo + insulation strip. This is a special design feature that has two functions: of a canal for efficient insulation strip and of additional protection for the locking bolts.

Automatic bottom seal

No more complaints about air flow coming in under the door! The automatic bottom seal falls down when door is closed and seals the clearance between the door and the floor. It also keeps dust from going in the apartment.