Project Description

Security door mDoor 2.0

The Traditional Mechanical Security

If you are looking for a higher security level, but you are a fan of the traditional locking systems, your armored door is mDoor 2.0. In addition to the excellent noise and thermal insulation, the model offers a high level of security with its six locking points and a special cylinder. And the extraordinary look of mDoor 2.0 will make you love it at first glance!

Solid 55 locking

ProBox Solid 55

SolidBox Solid 55


Italian cylinder lock + Solid Snake

A cylinder with unique cut that resembles snake interacts with special pins, thus making the cylinder safer. The cut called “SNAKE” is patented /other companies are not allowed to sell the cylinder or its blank keys/ so it can not be copied. This protects the customer from unauthorized key copying.

Probox – with ring protector

An interesting fact about profile cylinder locks is their safety comes from the cylinder itself and it is an external element for the locking mechanism. For cylinder protection, Solid 55 developed its own protector – ProBox. It is a reinforced box for inside installation of the lock. The cylinder is protected by a solid, reinforced steel body with ring that fits in a special rolled steel box. That makes cylinder pulling out practically impossible.

SolidBox – steel integrating module

Excellent engineering design feature made of 4 mm steel that protects locking bolts from cutting. And more – redirects forces resulting from break in attempts directly to the wall.