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  • Блиндирана врата Солид 55 - модел mDoor 1.0

Project Description

Security for traditionalists!

You are looking for more security but you are a fan of traditional, mechanical locking methods? Your door is mDoor 1.0! This door has additionally reinforced, solid, steel construction and locking in 8 points with special deviators. The mechanical lock and the cylinder are safely protected against drilling by the ProBox mechanism with ring protector. But mDoor 1.0 is not only safe – it is also very beautiful thanks to the Art decorative wall-casing that shapes your home’s entrance. If you trust mDoor 1.0, you receive security, beauty and excellent thermal and sound insulation.


Does the installation technology of the lock and the profile cylinder in the leaf matter? Solid steel mechanism with total thickness of 7.2mm that protects the locking mechanism.
Rolled board and hardened ring protection against pulling out of the cylinder.

защита за патрон на блиндирана врата

Заключващи системи за блиндирана врата mDoor1.0

Locking systems

    • Solid mechanical locking system with 8 locking points.
    • Special ProBox protector of the mechanical lock against drilling.

    toggle title=”Robust steel door leaf, strengthened by profiles, with 68mm thickness produced by 1,2mm steel.” open=”no”]A door’s steel construction can be compared to human skeleton. It can not be seen but takes all pressures put on the door. What we believe to be vital for the reliable functioning of a modern, hi-tech door is its precise constructing and manufacturing,  with special attention on the zones taking static and dynamic pressures. [/fusion_toggle]

    Perfect sound and thermal door insulation results from the filling of the steel construction with 50mm thick mineral wool.
    Wide-angle doorviewer has proven itself over time as a good solution for visualizing door area.
    3D adjustable door hinges guarantee precise adjusting of door leaf fit to the frame.
    3D регулируеми панти
    Hinge bolts are another way to protect the massive steel 3D hinges.
    пасивни шипове
    The proper functioning of both insulation strips depends to a big extent on the strength with which door leaf is pressed against the frame. The built-in adjustment mechanism of the clearance between door leaf and frame directly controls the pressure strength and makes sure insulation strips are effective.
    Реглаж на луфта между крило и каса
    An interesting fact about profile cylinder locks is their safety comes from the cylinder itself and it is an external element for the locking mechanism. With the purpose of cylinder protection, Solid 55 developed its own protector – ProBox. It is a reinforced box for inside installation of the lock. The cylinder is protected by a solid, reinforced steel body with ring that fits in a special rolled steel box. That makes cylinder pulling out practically impossible.
    Механична защита на патронно заключване
    The local reinforcement of the steel construction is one of Solid 55’s improvements that:

    • Strengthens the steel door leaf;
    • Decreases inner pressures resulting from welding;
    • Specifying reinforcing steel profiles positions.
    After completion of welding processes, the leaf’s steel construction is chemically treated and powder coated for the door’s corrosion resistance to be guaranteed.
    This is a special design feature that has two functions: of a canal for efficient insulation strip and of additional protection for the locking bolts.

    уплътнение за блиндирана врата

    Two stable EPDM insulation strips are always better than a single one!
    Обкантващ профил блиндирана врата
    Each door is equipped with additionally strengthened steel elements that are anchored to the wall for a flawless steel frame installation.
    анкериращ елемент за блиндирана врата
    No more complaints about air flow coming in under the door! The automatic bottom seal falls down when door is closed and seals the clearance between the door and the floor. It also keeps dust from going in the apartment.
    автоматичен уплътняващ праг за блиндирана врата
    Excellent technical feature used for transferring of movement from the three-side locking system to additional active fixing steel bars – deviators. The reinforced bar locking system with deviator allows for strong multiple points fixing of the leaf to the frame with just one key turn.

    10 pins cylinder with high security level with many possible combinations. This new dimple key’s bow has ergonomic design that eases everyday key usage. It combines different types of protection against forced entry:

    • Anti-pulling protection;
    • „Anti-bumping” protection;
    • Anti-drilling protection;
    • Customer card.


    италианска патронна брава за блиндирана врата патрон Solid 10
    Feature that gives complete look of the door corresponding to the leaf’s appearance.
    декоративна каса за блиндирана врата
    Decorative panels on both sides give a feeling of wood’s warmness and comfort but also bring additional insulation.
    декоративни плоскости за блиндирана врата
    Solid 55 offers great variety of designer handles, which finish the complete door appearance elegantly.
    • width – 900, 940, 980, 1020 mm;
    • height – 1980, 2020 mm.

    Security door mDoor 1.0

    Блиндирана врата iPS Condo 5

    This model includes:

    • Solid mechanical locking in 8 points with deviators;
    • Italian cylinder lock + Solid 10 profile cylinder;
    • ProBox with ring protector;
    • Decorative panels: 2x8mm with wood decor – four modern colors – dark oak, walnut, Noce Sofia, Mountain Larch;
    • Elegant decorative Art wall-casing and Art jambs on the hinges side;
    • Automatic bottom seal;
    • Italian handles;
    • Italian wide-angle doorviewer.

    This model can be produced in the following sizes:

    • width – 900, 940, 980, 1020 mm;
    • height – 1980, 2020 mm.
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    Colors of finishing