Project Description

Security door iPS 3.0

Beautiful and Innovative

If you want a higher level of security, but the beautiful appearance of the door is your top priority, a suitable armored door is iPS 3.0. It has a perfect combination of solid metal construction and two independent locking systems. The combination of a robust mechanical lock cylinder with special ProBox protection and an electromechanical lock with card management enhances security and provides more comfort for you and your family. Choosing iPS 3.0, you will enjoy the excellent heat and sound insulation.

Solid 55 locking


Italian cylinder lock + Solid Saturn

A profile cylinder with unique spinning wheel interacts with special pins, thus making the cylinder safer.

Door control through RFID card

Secure and convenient replacements of traditional keys.
The RFID cards that we use are based on the RFID technology. They work through a microchip and a radio antenna that allows for information exchange without physical contact between the card and the reading device. They are safe, easy to use and with longer life compared to cards with magnet or barcode.

Active Security module

Excellent hi-tech feature A special system developed by Solid 55.By using sensors for active detection in cases of unauthorized entry attempts through the door, a passive system (such as a security door) is changed to an active one