Project Description

Security door iDoor 2.0

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Designed for the new technology enthusiasts, the iDoor 2.0 combines three independent protections – an invisible electromechanical lock with four locking points, four more cylinder lock points with unique ProBox protection and built-in security features – Active Security! The model combines perfect security, unique beauty of natural veneer, excellent heat and sound insulation, built-in power supply. Thanks to the Solid MobileKey you lock/unlock and operate your door functions from anywhere in the world! You can also control your iDoor 2.0 with its built-in Solid Smart Control display

Solid 55 locking


Italian cylinder lock + Solid Saturn

A profile cylinder with unique spinning wheel interacts with special pins, thus making the cylinder safer.

Solid MobileKey

An innovative hi-tech feature turning a traditional product into a part of the contemporary mobile world. It is not necessary to stand in front of your door to control it.
Solid MobileKEY is a special module developed by Solid 55 built-in in the door. It is an innovative security solution for your house combining the mobile technology and the electromechanical locking system at the same time.

Solid Smart Control

The 7-inch touchscreen display is a monitor integrated into the door. It is also associated with the electromechanical lock control controller and offers comprehensive monitoring, control and tuning capabilities