Security door City

  • Блиндирана врата Солид 55 - модел Сити

Project Description

Budget wise… but real!

Are you looking for good security at attractive price? The City security door is perfect for you. With City you get solid steel door construction, three side locking and four side insulation. Another advantage of this mode is its fast and easy installation.

Great insulation

Great sound and thermal insulation resulting from the four-side insulation strip – built-in insulation strip and lower profile performing the role of a threshold.

Уплътнение за блиндирана врата серия 40

Заключващи системи за блиндирна врата City

Locking systems

    • Italian safe-type lock.
    A door’s steel construction can be compared to human skeleton. It can not be seen but takes all pressures put on the door. What we believe to be vital for the reliable functioning of a modern, hi-tech door is its precise constructing and manufacturing,  with special attention on the zones taking static and dynamic pressures.
    Perfect sound and thermal door insulation results from the filling of the steel construction with 40mm thick mineral wool.
    Wide-angle doorviewer has proven itself over time as a good solution for visualizing door area.
    3D adjustable door hinges guarantee precise adjusting of door leaf fit to the frame.

    3D регулируеми панти

    Hinge bolts are another way to protect the massive steel 3D hinges.
    пасивни шипове
    The proper functioning of both insulation strips depends to a big extent on the strength with which door leaf is pressed against the frame. The built-in adjustment mechanism of the clearance between door leaf and frame directly controls the pressure strength and makes sure insulation strips are effective.
    анкериращ елемент за блиндирана врата
    Decorative panels on both sides give a feeling of wood’s warmness and comfort but also bring additional insulation.
    декоративни плоскости за блиндирана врата
    Solid 55 offers great variety of designer handles, which finish the complete door appearance elegantly.
    • width – 900, 940, 980, 1020 mm;
    • height – 1980, 2020 mm.

    Security door City

    Блиндирана врата Сити

    This model includes:

    • Italian safe-type lock;
    • Decorative panels: 2x8mm with melamine – four modern colors – wenge, teak, light elm, white;
    • Block frame with metal lower threshold;
    • Italian handles;
    • Italian wide-angle doorviewer.

    This model can be produced in the following sizes:

    • width – 900, 940, 980, 1020 mm;
    • height – 1980, 2020 mm.
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    Colors of finishing