iDoor 20-19

The best Door of the Year so far!

This model is special! Because iDoor 20-19 attracts not only with its technological innovation but also with impressive design!
For the first time, Solid 55 presents a model that will amaze even the most demanding fans.
The door of the future can be controlled from anywhere in the world! You only need iDoor 20-19 and your mobile phone.
You went on holiday, but you have to unlock urgently to someone? Just call your door and have fun!
Did your children come home? You will be informed because iDoor 20-19 will let you know.
And the question whether you locked your door this morning will be funny. Because the Door of the Year will lock itself. Just tell her.
For the connoisseurs of even the smallest detail we have prepared a special surprise! iDoor 20-19 is incredibly beautiful with its exclusive look that will impress everyone.
And for the final we have also left the surprise that you save up to 30%!
All this can be yours at a price we have never had before!

Блиндирана врата iDoor 20-19


Akustik Pad

The perfect isolation of the door is because of the special sound isolative rubber material which is stuck to one of the decorative panels. This makes the isolation even greater than you can imagine.

Solid MobileKey

An innovative hi-tech feature turning a traditional product into a part of the contemporary mobile world. It is not necessary to stand in front of your door to control it.
Solid MobileKEY is a special module developed by Solid 55 built-in in the door. It is an innovative security solution for your house combining the mobile technology and the electromechanical locking system at the same time.

Copy Protected RFID Cards

The cards that we use are based on the RIFD technology. They work through a microchip and a radio antenna that allows for information exchange without physical contact between the card and the reading device.