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All pictures are illustrative. It is possible to choose designs, fittings, extras that are not included in the base price of the model.

DOMO 20-19

Let us take care of the most valuable things!

What does the heat mean for a house? Cozy. And DOMO 20-19 gives you that! With its excellent thermal insulation, the exclusive model of the year for a house will capture you! Are you looking for security and peace? With DOMO 20-19 you will feel protection and convenience in one!

Main advantages

  • Mechanical locking system with Solid 6 cylinder
  • Option for additional extras


  • Outflat panels suitable for indirect external conditions

    When the two panels of your door are made of MDF, specially treated with a UV primer for exterior conditions + 0.3 mm hot galvanized steel sheet coated with PVC film, you will be sure that you have made an excellent choice for a house door! Congratulations!

  • Probox

    Does it matter how the lock and the cartridge are mounted in the door?
    Massive steel mechanism with a total thickness of 7,2 mm protects the locking mechanism.
    Ragged board and high-lined ring protection protects the cartridge from burglary.

  • Security and Convenience

    Security and convenience with the cilynder Solid 6.

    Quick and easy locking from within, thanks to a convenient handle.

    Anti-bucking protection.


    • New development of Solid 55 with a comfortable handle on the inside;
    • The set includes 5 keys and one master key;
    • The new cartridge has 6 active pins;
    • It has 2 anti-drilling pins;
    • With anti-bumping protection;
    • Personalized card for more security;
    • The cartridge has Certificate EN 1303.

  • The door has an excellent insulation thanks to the mineral wool filling inside the wing.

  • In the cartridge lock, the seal is in the cartridge, which is an external element for the lock itself. The historically well-established design of the cartridge makes it mechanically vulnerable. In order to protect the cartridge from a mechanical attack, Solid 55 developed its own protection - ProBox. This is a reinforced steel box for interior mounting of the lock.
    The cartridge is protected from a massively toughened steel body with a ring sinking into a polished place in the steel box. This makes it virtually impossible to break the cartridge.
    ProBox is further reinforced with 4 mm of steel or a total of 7.2 mm steel in the lock area that protects the locking mechanism.


Let us take care of the most valuable things!

DOMO 20-19

  • width - 900, 940, 980, 1020mm.
  • height - 1980, 2020, 2060 and 2100mm.

The door is standard with inward opening direction!

SOLID 55 reserves the right to technical and price changes.

All pictures are illustrative.

Price: 1 555 BGN

The price does not include installation

  • Solid mechanical locking system with 7 locking points
  • Italian cylinder lock with Solid 6 cartridge with handle
  • Luxury handles - outside: passive handle Telus chromium nickel; inside: handle Derby chrome satin
  • Excellent thermal and noise insulation with heat transfer coefficient U = 0.852 W / m2 ° K and sound insulation Rw = 30 dB
  • Angled metal frame with lower metal threshold with seal and integrated sealing
  • Outflat panels with wood decor: Dark oak, Golden oak, Graphite / Horizontal /, White with wood decor

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  • Solid Solid cartridge 10 - 5 keys
  • Solid Snake cartridge - 5 keys
  • Dismantling a metal frame or expanding a construction hole

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