Security doors for house

Security doors for house

House doors are significantly different from apartment doors. Safety is not the main accent because it has to be achieved through an overall solution for protection of the house. However we think house doors are important part of our products since they add uniqueness and bring easiness to your life. Some really important house door characteristics are:

  • The door is under the direct influence of external, often severe weather conditions;
  • According to regulations house doors must have a CE mark and the following indices must be shown: water resistance, wind resistance, pressure resistance, air permeability of joints, sound and thermal insulation.

The main door of the house is undoubtedly one of the most important elements forming first impressions of our guests as it represents its owners’ spirit. Therefore, the choice of its appearance, given the style of the house and its interior, is a very responsible task.

The link with other doors – gates and garage doors – should not be neglected because if all doors are linked our everyday convenience is guaranteed by using just one device for access to all doors.

On basis of experience gained through the years, Solid 55 created a separate security doors series for house – xDoor. There is a great variety of models, which meet various expectations for design, security and ease of use. House doors may be only mechanical or a combination of mechanical and electromechanical locks, with an emphasis on convenience in daily use without compromising security. A large selection of designer solutions of milled figures and double glass fit perfectly in each facade and the unique panels used in the “Outflat” models ensure long door life even in most extreme weather.

Take some time with our consultants to get acquainted with house doors’ features, so that you can make the right choice. We guarantee you that it’s worth doing it as you will be going though this door each day; it will first welcome your guests and will be sending “uninvited guests” away. It will contribute directly to the comfort, tranquillity and quality of life in any home.