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Fireproof doors

Certified products

Fire-resistant doors are designed to stop the spread of fire for a certain period of time depending on the tests and tests passed.

Check out our current models:
  • EI 60;
  • EI 90;
  • REI 120;

  • Option to reverse the opening direction - left or right; Opportunity for double doors; Multiple optional extras; Opportunity for unique design.
  • They have been tested according to the European Standard EN 1634-1, with an admissibility opinion from the General Fire Safety and Safety Directorate General of the Ministry of the Interior and meet the fire resistance class EI2: E-emission: Does not leak from combustion gases or flames. I-insulation: Isolation of inaccessible rooms from the fire and reduction of heat transfer. Restrict the transfer of heat to a maximum temperature of 180 ° C on the face of a door that is not in direct contact with the fire (the cold face).
  • Thickness of the wing is 60mm. Wing and frame made of galvanized steel, even hidden parts. The wings are filled with fire-resistant mineral wool and the frame is angular with a removable threshold. The door frame is made of 1.5 mm sheet metal. The door has a seal in a channel with a heat-sealing strip. The hinges are two, three-sided, with one hinge with self-closing spring (200,000 cycles as standard). Passive pins from the side hinges.
  • The door can be ordered with the following optional equipment: buffer (closing speed control device), electromagnet for holding the door in the open position, built-in door, anti-panic mechanism for the door and locking.
  • Fire resistant casing, black polyamide with dyed lock and press key (with insert for replacing the cartridge).
  • RAL color powder painting option, unique design - high-resolution decorative digital printing with transparent coating, electromagnet, anti-panic lever, anti-panic handle.

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