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SOLID, 7-th km, Tsarigradsko shosse Blvd.,

Sofia 1784, Bulgaria

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0700 800 54

Entrance space Progress

The secure solution for your entrance

In order to take care of the security not only for you but also for the whole entrance, we have developed a special solution. The door, which we called Entrance Space, provides a 24-hour self-protection regime for the building, 7 days a week.

  • Unique, innovative and invisible locking mechanism. It is managed by a non-contiguous key chain - a chip.
  • We will design your new Entrance Space to accommodate your block's overall vision.
  • To unlock the invisible door locking mechanism you will need an RFID chip. The control of the door is a high-class electric strike.
  • The system is based on a stable carrier structure and an invisible electromechanical lock controlled by a chip, which further increases security.
  • Locked by an electromechanical lock on the side of the lock and passive hinges on the side of the hinges.
  • Automatic closing of the door and auto lock after closing - the maximum time the door is open is the entry or exit time, from 10 to 120 seconds, necessary for the automatic closing and locking of the door.
  • The door is warm and soundproofed. Constantly closed, it ensures that the temperature is maintained in the Entrance. Noise and thermal insulation are guaranteed by a stable and secure metal construction of the wing - 68mm.

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