DOMO 20-19

Let us take care of the most valuable things!

What does the heat mean for a house? Cozy. And DOMO 20-19 gives you that! With its excellent thermal insulation, the exclusive model of the year for a house will capture you! Are you looking for security and peace? With DOMO 20-19 you will feel protection and convenience in one!

блиндирана врата за къща DOMO 20-19 - декоративни панели

Защита за патронна брава ProBox за блиндирана врата Солид 55 -модел iPS 25+


Thermal Insulation

DOMO 20-19 is a specially designed outdoor door with excellent heat and noise insulation.The door surface is vulnerable to sunlight and moisture and is not suitable for exposure to direct atmospheric influences

Mechanical protection and convenience in one

DOMO 20-19 is a completely new development designed specifically for mechanical protection lovers with impressive 7 locking points thanks to the high-end Solid 6 cartridge!

Probox – with ring protector

An interesting fact about profile cylinder locks is their safety comes from the cylinder itself and it is an external element for the locking mechanism. For cylinder protection, Solid 55 developed its own protector – ProBox. It is a reinforced box for inside installation of the lock. The cylinder is protected by a solid, reinforced steel body with ring that fits in a special rolled steel box. That makes cylinder pulling out practically impossible.