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All pictures are illustrative. It is possible to choose designs, fittings, extras that are not included in the base price of the model.

mDoor 3.0

The "Diamond" in the Mechanical Locking System

This model is the highest class Solid door with an exceptional mechanical locking system - the exclusive Dom Diamant! Besides its high level of isolation, mDoor 3.0 will impress you with its eight locking points, steel protection against drilling and sophisticated design with a variety of colors that will make the door custom made for you.

Main advantages



  • Probox

    Does it matter how the lock and the cartridge are mounted in the door?
    Massive steel mechanism with a total thickness of 7,2 mm protects the locking mechanism.
    Ragged board and high-lined ring protection protects the cartridge from burglary.

  • The Diamond of the Mechanical Security

    Our best cylinder - Dom Diamant is a locking mechanism of the highest class of security. Product with a unique design of locking security class 6 in accordance with DIN 1303: 2005-04.

    The cartridge is anti-piercing by a cylindrical body made of stainless steel with built-in tempered metal. It has a modular design with 10 freely rotatable stainless steel locking segments and 35 coding elements


  • The automatic tire threshold lowers when the door is closed and seals the gap between the door and the floor. It also protects against junk and dust entering the entrance of tour home.

  • Locking mechanism of the highest security class. Product with a unique design of locking security class 6 in accordance with DIN 1303: 2005-04.

    The cartridge is protected by a cylindrical body made of stainless steel with built-in tempered metal. It has a modular design with 10 freely rotatable stainless steel locking segments and 35 coding elements.

    An advantage of this cylinder is the multi-line key with three-dimensional profile and ergonomic design. The specificity of the key is an advantage for uniqueness. It also has a unique disc drive, 21 stainless steel discs.

    Dom Diamant is only available in a 5-key version.

    You can order additional keys by verifying your identity and it is possible only by Solid 55 when presenting your personal card.

  • The door has an excellent insulation thanks to the mineral wool filling inside the wing.

  • In the cartridge lock, the seal is in the cartridge, which is an external element for the lock itself. The historically well-established design of the cartridge makes it mechanically vulnerable. In order to protect the cartridge from a mechanical attack, Solid 55 developed its own protection - ProBox. This is a reinforced steel box for interior mounting of the lock.
    The cartridge is protected from a massively toughened steel body with a ring sinking into a polished place in the steel box. This makes it virtually impossible to break the cartridge.
    ProBox is further reinforced with 4 mm of steel or a total of 7.2 mm steel in the lock area that protects the locking mechanism.

  • It is a specially designed solution that simultaneously performs two functions: as a specially designed place for a well-functioning seal and as a serious additional protection for locking pins

  • Magnificent construction-technology solution made of 4mm steel, forcing the active fixing pins to work on shearing.

    And further - direct removal of the reaction from forces arising from burglary attempts directly into the carrier wall.

    Solidbox is NEW, an extra protection module made of 4mm steel. It is designed to protect the mechanical locking pionts (mDoor 2.0 and mDoor3.0) and lectromechanical locking points (all iDoor models).

    The innovative design solution increases the role of the steel frame and, in particular, the stability and strength of the locking zones for attempted entry in two directions:

    The steel bolts of the lock are forced to work only on shearing;

    This additional clamping mechanism is anchored directly, not through the frame.


The "Diamond" in the Mechanical Locking System

mDoor 3.0

  • width - 900, 940, 980, 1020mm.
  • height - 1980, 2020, 2060 and 2100mm.

SOLID 55 reserves the right to technical and price changes.

All pictures are illustrative.

Price: Request an offer

The price does not include installation

  • High class mechanical locking system with 8 active locking points and 2 passive pins. A total of 10 lock points.
  • Italian cylinder lock with Dom Diamant cartridge - 5 keys
  • Luxury handles - Athens chrome, Axe chrome or black and Kiwi brass
  • Excellent thermal and noise insulation with heat transfer coefficient U = 0.852 W / m2 ° K and sound insulation Rw = 30 dB
  • Automatic Rubber Threshold High + 51
  • Lower metal threshold for four-sided seal
  • Solid Box - an extra protection module designed to protect the locking points
  • Decorative panels: 2х8mm MDF:
    • Wood decor
    • Technical veneer
    • RAL color Group I
    • Decor Oak Canyon
    • Choice of milling cutters and decorative strips
  • Elegant Decorative frame with external and internal boards /up to 300 mm zipped/

Series 50 Security Doors have successfully passed tests for performance evaluation and the results are set out in the following documents:

- Test report for resistance to manual cracking - Class C4

- Fire resistance certificate - EI30 minutes

- CE marking

Warranty period - 24 months.

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  • Magnetic sensor
  • SOT-tool
  • Size different than standard /width and height/
  • Aluminum T-profile
  • Dismantling a metal frame or expanding a construction hole            

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