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All pictures are illustrative. It is possible to choose designs, fittings, extras that are not included in the base price of the model.

iDoor 1.0

The Impressive Security

The model combines the latest developments and high technology in one security door. iDoor 1.0 is an intelligent, beautiful and easy-to-use product. By choosing it, you get three independent protections - an invisible electromechanical lock with four locking points, a mechanical protection with four more lock points with the unique ProBox protection and built-in security features - Active Security! And to make the door even more attractive, iDoor 1.0 has built-in mobile phone control module Solid MobileKey managing your door from anywhere in the world.

Main advantages



  • Alarms if someone tries to open it!

    This model includes the exclusive Active Security feature, which is a system of sensors and sirens that track the condition of your door. And if you have Solid MobileKey - you will get a notification from your door that something is happening to her!

  • Higher level of security with SBS

    Additional security is never superfluous! SBS (Security Block System) is a mutual blocking of the two locking systems in order to increase the security of the door.

  • New Generation RFID Card

    The model incorporates unlocking the electromechanical lock with the specially developed CP-Copy Protected RFID cards. As their name suggests, these cards are absolutely copy protected and provide their owners with additional confidence about the security of their home.

  • The Door Locks Itself!

    How often do you ask yourself if you lock your door? And how about letting this question in the past? This is possible thanks to the innovative EasyGo feature that automatically locks your door. Is not that great?

  • Yes, thermal insulation is important!

    We know that thermal insulation is important. That's why we take care of your maximum home comfort by completing this model with an Automatic High + 51 rubber threshold, which lowers when the door closes and seals the gap between the door and the floor, S Thermo + rubber seal, which is integrated in the wing and frame and mineral wool, which is located in the wing of your door. This magic combination gives the heat insulation that every home needs!


  • An additional level of security - this is the built-in sensor and alarm set that monitors the condition of both locks (mechanical and electromechanical), the position of the door (open or closed) and the presence of strong vibration (shock sensor). In case of unlawful unlocking - external interference (burglary) the alarm is activated and the siren signals. Shock sensor monitors for external interference, shock or strong vibration. In case of door control via Solid MobileKEY, the administrator will receive a message (SMS) that the alarm is triggered.

  • The special insulating material Akustic Pad is a soundproofing EPDM placed under the decorative panels of the door. It provides additional 27dB sound insulation and allows you to feel the pleasure of having no external noise.

  • The Copy Protected (CP) keychain is a special development of Solid 55 and uses a modified protocol for communication between the keychain and the antenna, which leads to a significant increase in security level. To ensure the transmission of the unique information stored in the keychain, a secured channel and coded connection are established.

  • A cartridge with a unique snake-like groove that interacts with special pins to provide additional lock protection. The channel called "Snake" is patented (no one except Solid 55 can offer this cartridge and only our company has the key blanks). This protects against unauthorized duplicates of the key and increases the number of combinations.

    The cartridge combines several types of protections:

    • Information protection (controlled duplicate key extraction) - only from Solid 55 showroom or official company representatives;
    • Bumping protection against opening;
    • Protection against drilling;

    Patron Solid Snake also has:

    • Client card;
    • Ergonomic key design.

    Additional Features:

    • Master Key
    • Ability to open from outside if another key is inside.

  • Leave the question "Did I lock my door?" in the past, thanks to the automatic locking of the electromechanical lock. After closing the door, the electromechanical lock locks itself off after a certain interval of time (3 to 12 seconds, default 7 seconds). Once you tried - you would not give up on it!

  • The door has an excellent insulation thanks to the mineral wool filling inside the wing.

  • In the cartridge lock, the seal is in the cartridge, which is an external element for the lock itself. The historically well-established design of the cartridge makes it mechanically vulnerable. In order to protect the cartridge from a mechanical attack, Solid 55 developed its own protection - ProBox. This is a reinforced steel box for interior mounting of the lock.
    The cartridge is protected from a massively toughened steel body with a ring sinking into a polished place in the steel box. This makes it virtually impossible to break the cartridge.
    ProBox is further reinforced with 4 mm of steel or a total of 7.2 mm steel in the lock area that protects the locking mechanism.

  • Solid CP (Copy Protected) cards are RFID cards specially developed for Solid 55 and use a modified protocol for communication between the card and the antenna, which leads to a significant increase in the security level. To ensure the security of the transmission of the unique information stored on the card, a secured channel and coded connection are established. Solid CP cards are set up and programmed to work only by Solid 55, they can not be set up for work and programmed by another provider. These cards can not be copied.

  • It is a specially designed solution that simultaneously performs two functions: as a specially designed place for a well-functioning seal and as a serious additional protection for locking pins

  • Are we thinking of emergency situations? YES! sBoard is a specially designed Decorative Plate (engraved with Solid 55), which is placed at the bottom of the door. Below this plate is a special plug for emergency locking of the electromechanical lock. Required element for all doors with hidden lock (electromechanical lock).

  • Additional security is never superfluous! SBS (Security Block System) is a mutual blocking of the two locking systems in order to increase the security of the door. When locking both locks, the mechanical lock locks the door unlocking by a RFID card or ElLatch (button). In order to open the door, we first unlock the mechanical lock and then we can now unlock the electromechanical lock with the card or ElLatch.

  • Magnificent construction-technology solution made of 4mm steel, forcing the active fixing pins to work on shearing.

    And further - direct removal of the reaction from forces arising from burglary attempts directly into the carrier wall.

    Solidbox is NEW, an extra protection module made of 4mm steel. It is designed to protect the mechanical locking pionts (mDoor 2.0 and mDoor3.0) and lectromechanical locking points (all iDoor models).

    The innovative design solution increases the role of the steel frame and, in particular, the stability and strength of the locking zones for attempted entry in two directions:

    The steel bolts of the lock are forced to work only on shearing;

    This additional clamping mechanism is anchored directly, not through the frame.


The Impressive Security

iDoor 1.0

  • width - 900, 940, 980, 1020mm.
  • height - 1980, 2020, 2060 and 2100mm.

SOLID 55 reserves the right to technical and price changes.

All pictures are illustrative.

Price: Request an offer

The price does not include installation

  • Solid electromechanical lock with 4 locking points, mechanical locking system with 4 locking points and 2 passive pins. A total of 10 lock points.
  • Italian cylinder lock with Solid 10 cartridge - 5 keys
  • RFID card management with special copy protection - CP
  • Handles - Derby chrome satin or Kiwi brass
  • Excellent thermal and noise insulation with heat transfer coefficient U = 0.852 W / m2 ° K and sound insulation Rw = 30 dB
  • Akustik PAD - special insulating material
  • SolidBox - an extra protection module designed to protect locking points and deviators
  • Manage with Solid MobileKey Mobile Phone
  • EasyGo feature
  • Active Security - a built-in siren with a set of sensors
  • ElLatch - Indoor unlocking and locking button
  • External decorative sBoard
  • Built-in power supply
  • Automatic Rubber Threshold
  • Decorative panels: 2 x 8 mm MDF with wood decor: Dark oak, Walnut, Noce Sofia, Noce Mary, Mountain Larch, Light oak and Gray oak
  • Elegant decorative frame model Comfort with external and internal boards /up to 300 mm/

Series 50 Security Doors have successfully passed tests for performance evaluation and the results are set out in the following documents:

- Test report for resistance to manual cracking - Class C4

- Fire resistance certificate - EI30 minutes

- CE marking

Warranty period - 24 months.

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  • Solid Snake - 5 keys
  • Solid Saturn - the key
  • Dom Diamant - 5 keys
  • Size different than standard /width and height/
  • Additional RFID card CP
  • Solid 55 keychain with built-in CP chip
  • Easy Lock - fingerprint
  • Dismantling a metal frame or expanding a construction hole

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