Security doors for apartment

When choosing a security door for apartment we choose a security level. The feeling of security is extremely important for the family comfort.

Solid 55 doors will make you feel relaxed when thinking about home because:

  • They have a second, invisible locking system;
  • We work directly with the biggest locking systems manufacturers and can control the key copying process;
  • Intelligent security doors give you feedback, i.e. the door reacts to break in attempts by sounding a siren and by sending SMS message to the owner;
  • We produce security doors for nearly 30 years and have significant experience in this specific area;
  • Solid 55 is the only company in Bulgaria with its own 24/7 service!;
  • Let’s not forget our doors have certificate for sound and thermal insulation;
  • And last but not the least, they are beautiful! A real delight for the eyes.